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 Notice: June 2, 2015

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Notice:  Alumni Gathering - Class 1975 40th Reunion Plans

Just received a new SHS Calendar Event

Event Category: Reunions

Event Title: Reunion class 75
Start Time: End Time: 

Event Details: UPDATE (2/14/15): 
EVENT DATES: Oct 2 - Oct 4
INCLUSIVITY: We'll try to keep the cost as low as possible. 
ACTIVITIES: Friday Night: casual "meet and greet"; Saturday: several activities 1) remembrance of classmates who have passed away; 2) dinner; 3) other activities; Sunday Morning: informal get-together over food. Folks may attend all or some activities. 
VENUES: In Suffern area, otherwise still a work in progress. 
HOUSING: Still exploring blocks of hotel rooms at reduced rates. 
COMMUNICATION: In part thru this Facebook Event Group. Please reach out to others not on Facebook, and message us their email address.

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Norm Platt, 1960

John Cerullo, 1960

Dave Hastings, 1957



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